Your domain name could be worth thousands of dollars!

Why should I have my domain name appraised?
A domain name is similar to any other sort of property which has a value reflected in the marketplace. Buyers and sellers of domain names want to be assured that the value of the domain name which they wish to purchase, or profit from, is supported by the defining factors in the marketplace. domain appraisal uses the industry accepted criteria to determine the estimated market value of your domain with a consistent turn-around time and a written report for your reference. Whether you decide to buy or sell a domain name, your domain name appraisal is y
our best indication of the marketable value of your domain name.

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Why choose to appraise my domain name?

Our experts will evaluate your Domain Name using time-tested procedures incorporating the proprietary 4C valuation model, with an in-depth analysis of your asset that considers concepts and associations, and language subtleties. We also make use of the largest database of transferred names in our analysis, which is extremely market-sensitive, for accuracy.

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More questions?
If you need further assistance click here to get your domain appraisal questions answered.

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